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PowerUp Your Summer!

Indoor/Outdoor Movement and Learning Activities

Start summer off right with two, fun PowerUp Fitness activities for participants of all ages! With the warm weather, now is the perfect time to get outside and get active! These activities keep participants engaged and entertained, even when they’re not at school.

PowerUp Fitness offers a variety of unique fitness programs! PowerUp programs are designed to provide children with the opportunity to become more active, physically and mentally. Learn more about us and our mission to PowerUp children's development with fitness and fun in our About Section!

Map adventure

  • As a group, have participants walk, jog, and skip around your neighborhood, apartment complex, or inside your home.

  • Discuss the different landmarks (stop signs, stairwell, couch, windows, etc.)

  • Once you’re back home, gather craft supplies and have your junior mapmaker make a map of your journey and the key landmarks you discussed along the way!

  • Head out for another walk and follow the route shown on the map for a fun, physical, active follow up!

Cardio Freeze Tag/ Shadow Tag

This game is played like a traditional freeze tag, but with a cardio twist. Designate two to four participants as ‘taggers’. The taggers will run (or hop, skip, gallop) to tag other participants. If a participant is tagged, instead of standing frozen, they will perform jumping jacks (lunges, squat jumps, etc.) until someone other than a tagger comes to unfreeze them.

Touch free version - turn this into shadow tag! Instead of having players tag/touch one another. Play outside and have taggers step on player’s shadows and call out their names to indicate they’ve been tagged. If “tagged” players solve a problem, i.e. 100/10 = 10 and perform that many jumping jacks or other exercise reps to unfreeze.


Download this printable pdf version of PowerUp Your Summer!

Did you enjoy these activities? Take a look at our activity bundles or even request sample lesson plans to learn more!

For 100’s of activities, games, and exercises that can be implemented in-person, virtually or with safe distancing, check out our PowerUp programs!


PowerUp Goes Virtual!

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