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Our top priority is to support you in providing safe, youth physical activity programming without sacrificing quality or fun! From in-person to virtual and hybrid to navigating federal funding, we're here to support you and your students. 


PowerUp® Premium Virtual Classes

on site

 PowerUp Your School and PowerUp Peanuts

  • No equipment needed (reducing germ transmission)

  • Easy to implement in any space, any place.

Stream our new PowerUp Premium Virtual Classes together on site.

Federal funding

As you navigate the complexities of federal funding, we are here to help!

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PowerUp Your School


Looking for a fun way to bridge the learning gap?

PowerUp Your School is an evidence-based physical activity program, aligned with academic standards, for grades K-8 that combines movement, learning, and fun.

  • Each activity session is aligned with three or more educational standards, including Math and English Language Arts.

  • We provide online instructor training, hardcopy instructor manuals,  easy-to-use lesson plans, and ongoing support materials.

  • Perfect for summer camps, youth organizations, before and after school programs, and PE.

  • No equipment needed (reducing germ transmission) and all exercises can be done with safe physical distancing.

Bundles range from $399-$1400

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