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PowerUp Fitness, LLC

PowerUp Fitness offers a variety of unique fitness programs just for kids!  PowerUp programs are designed to provide children with the opportunity to become more active, physically and mentally fit, while building the framework for development into healthy adolescents and active adults.

PowerUp classes have the potential to improve self-esteem, reduce childhood obesity, and shape positive attitudes by making fitness fun! Through implementing the PowerUp Programs in fitness centers, throughout communities, and in academic institutions, we can make a change toward a healthier, more active generation now and for the future.

Founder and CEO

Stacy (Scott) Baugues

​PowerUp Fitness, LLC was founded April 2012, in Knoxville, TN by Stacy Scott Baugues.  Both her education and experience in the fitness industry were the inspiration behind the PowerUp Programs.  Stacy recognizes the importance of physical activity for all ages and believes that when children can find enjoyment in exercise they have the potential to be active for a lifetime.  

She earned both her Bachelor's in Exercise Science and Master's in Kinesiology from the University of Tennessee and has conducted research in the field of Pediatric Exercise Science.  See some of her research here:  ​The Ability of the PACER to Elicit Peak Exercise Response in Youth.​

Stacy has been working in the fitness industry since 2006, working as fitness staff as well as in management positions.  She also maintains current certifications as a Personal Trainer (since 2008) and Group Fitness Instructor (since 2011) through the American Council on Exercise.

Stacy hopes to continue expanding PowerUp programming and see more passionate PowerUp Instructors throughout the greater Knoxville area, Tennessee, and across the U.S. to PowerUp youth throughout the nation!

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