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Toddler Exercise Classes

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At PowerUp Fitness, we’ve created the perfect toddler exercise class specifically designed to keep your little bundle of joy moving around in a healthy way. At this age, kids have an endless of amount of energy, and they need a fun and productive way to get it out! PowerUp Fitness has tailored the PowerUp Peanuts program to engage children in games and exercises that will prepare them for years to come.  


Our professional training provides certified PowerUp Peanut instructors with the tools and materials they need to know exactly how to keep your kids stimulated and engaged with all the activities. Combining full-body exercises, games, dance, education, and enjoyable children’s activities, PowerUp Fitness has revolutionized the youth fitness industry. 


We built this program not only to exercise your child’s body, but also to exercise their minds. Kids are like sponges, growing and developing every day. We use a combination of fun activities and full-body exercises to keep your kids focused, excited, and moving around in the most fun way. Your kids will wake up excited to start their day with our PowerUp Peanuts toddler exercise classes. 


Think PowerUp Fitness Classes pint-sized!  PowerUp Peanut Classes are designed for children 2-5 years old.  Healthy fitness habits begin early in life. PowerUp Peanut classes focus on motor development, combining exercise and education while making fitness fun!​  


Whether you’re looking add a little spark to your little one’s daily routine or you’re interested in getting certified and starting your own toddler exercise class, PowerUp Fitness is here for you! PowerUp Fitness has been successfully getting the youth community active for nearly a decade. We use evidence-based research in the field of pediatric exercise science to carefully create the perfect fitness solutions for your little ones. 


To discover more about the PowerUp Peanuts program or to learn more about becoming certified, contact PowerUp Fitness at today.