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PowerUp Your School

PowerUp Your School® is an evidence-based physical activity program aligned with academic standards, available for grades K-8.  Perfect for before/after school programs, physical education, active learning classrooms and more! 


PowerUp Your School combines movement and learning with exercises and games that incorporate spelling words, math problems, and even vocabulary, all aligned with academic standards. 

A word about PowerUp Your School 

"My favorite part was the Alphabet game. We got to work as a team and come up with fun words!"

 -4th Grade Participant

Dandridge Elem. School

"We do it [PowerUp Your School] every day. Our students think they're getting out of class because it's so fun, but they are still really learning!"

 -3rd Grade Teacher

Roane County Schools

"PowerUp Your School is inclusive for all of our students and adaptable for kids of all abilities."

-Afterschool Site Director

Jefferson County Schools

The Positive Impact of PowerUp Your School





Ready to PowerUp Your School?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Choose a PowerUp Your School Bundle
    All bundles include online instructor training, instructor manual/s, ready-to-use lessons, and support materials.  Lessons are available for grades K-8.  Need help deciding or interested in bundles for multiple schools? We can help!  Click on Interest Form below to let us know what you're looking for and we'll be in touch shortly!   View Bundle Options |  Interest Form

  2. Complete the Instructor Training.
    After purchasing a PowerUp Your School bundle, you'll receive access to the online instructor training platform. The online training takes about two hours to complete - but feel free to start, stop, and return as needed.  You have access to the platform for a whole year!

  3. PowerUp Your School! 
    You'll receive the hardcopy materials within 3 business days. Once you've completed the training and have the materials, you'll have all the tools and strategies needed to implement the PowerUp Your School program!


PowerUp Your School Bundles