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Family Fitness

We're all adapting to this new #socialdistancing climate. 


To help support families and kids at home, we're sharing fitness activities you can do right in your living room.  Simple games, exercise demonstrations, and fun physical activities -- no equipment needed.  Filter by category, for example, "toddler friendly" or "at home PE".


There's a little something for the whole family! New exercises, activities, and short videos are added daily!


Looking for a New Routine? Try our PowerUp Parent Packs


Our NEW PowerUp Parent Packs include 6-weeks of easy-to-use lessons to get kids & families moving, learning, and having fun @home!


Printable Resources

Girl with Shirt

Great for ages 6-12

PowerUp in Place

Indoor physical activity resource sheet. Activities listed are perfect for the 6-12 age range.  Minimal space needed, no equipment required.  (Click on image to download resource sheet)

Toddler Girl Chasing Bubbles

Great for ages 2-5

Preschool Games

Two of our PowerUp Peanuts games for you to try at home.  Easy to play, for fun the whole family. (Click on image to download resource sheet)