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PowerUp Any Space, Any Place

Active Learning Games for Small Spaces

Whether it’s Spring storms keeping you indoors, team practice taking over your gym space, or you’re simply looking for fun ways to get moving in the classroom or at home, PowerUp any space, any place with these three movement and learning games.

PowerUp Fitness offers a variety of unique fitness programs! PowerUp programs are designed to provide children with the opportunity to become more active, physically and mentally. Learn more about us and our mission to PowerUp children's development with fitness and fun in our About Section!

Multiplication relay

Split larger groups into teams of 4 to 6 participants. At home split into small teams or play as a family. Each team decides who will go first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.

The first person on each team completes 5 jumping jacks then solves the problem 6x1. Then, the second team member does 5 jumping jacks and solves the problem 6x2. Third person, jumping jacks, then 6x3. Continue the pattern, each team member taking a turn. The first team to get to and solve 6x12 wins!

Work through different times tables or try with division or addition and subtraction.


Bop-It aligns with English Language Arts Standards about interpreting words, phrases, and figurative meaning with movement. Participants follow the instructor’s cues to play the “Bop It” game, using their bodies to follow the instructions. Demonstrate and then call out the following commands.

Kick it - kick out in front (ensure they are in their own space first!)

Twist it – jump, twisting halfway around then twist back to front

Spin it - turn all the way around

Pull it - reach up above heads and then “pull” down into a low squat.

Bop it - jump up in the air

Pick up the pace of the calls as the game progresses.

PowerUp Action verbs

Participants apply their knowledge and understanding of action verbs by identifying action verbs and then performing the action. Remind students to keep the movement in their “own space.”

Run, Skip, Jump, etc. Participants continue naming action verbs until everyone has a chance to share their verb for the whole group to perform!


Download this printable pdf version of PowerUp Any Space, Any Place!

Did you enjoy these activities? Take a look at our activity bundles or even request sample lesson plans to learn more!

For 100’s of activities, games, and exercises that can be implemented in-person, virtually or with safe distancing, check out our PowerUp programs!


PowerUp Fitness is an Advocate Member of the National Afterschool Association and a proud partner of Active Schools.


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