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Get Moving with Goal Setting

Having flashbacks? Freeze Tag is a fun game many of us played as children. Although it is fun and gets the body moving, PowerUp’s Cardio Freeze Tag boosts both bodies and brains by adding in the social-emotional learning concept of goal setting.

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Cardio Freeze Tag

Similar to traditional freeze tag, simply instead of being “frozen”, when you’re tagged, you perform an exercise. The instructors choose taggers to start off the game. Everyone else tries to avoid getting tagged. But if/when you do get tagged, you’ll perform squat jumps until you’re ”unfrozen” by someone or a previously designated quantity.

For the older kids, the game can become more complex by adding math problems or other problems to solve into the mix. One example of these types of problems is when you’re tagged, you solve the problem 100 divided by 10 and do that many jumping jacks to unfreeze!

This game can also be slowed down a bit, for safety with large groups – instead of running, only skipping or galloping is allowed. Or to really slow it down, hopping or lunging around the space.

Character Concepts:

  • Younger Students → Identify the steps needed to perform a routine task. Walk through the game slowly and then have them play it. Talk about goals for taggers and goals for players.

  • Older Students → Play multiple rounds so that the present goal builds on past rounds. If you get tagged multiple rounds, the time spent frozen goes up by 2’s! 2 Jumping jacks, then 4, then 6, etc. and goes up each round unless they haven’t been tagged).

  • All Students → Demonstrate ways to deal with upsetting emotions as it relates to goals (e.g., sadness, disappointment, excitement). Afterward, discuss how they felt when they completed the activity to become unfrozen, achieving the goal.


Download this printable pdf version of our PowerUp Teaching Social-Emotional Learning Skills with Physical Activity!

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