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Fall Frenzy

As the leaves turn different colors and Halloween is approaching, fall is on everyone’s mind. School is back in full swing and fall activities are well under way. Fall Frenzy fits the atmosphere by having children act out the different themes associated with fall. This game makes them think through each symbol of fall and work through what action is most fitting with that symbol.

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Fall Frenzy

Participants use their body to pretend that they’re the object/action that is based on seasonal themes.

  • Leaves Blowing in the Wind → students freely move through the space they are in, pretending to be weightless floating in the wind

  • Scarecrow → students freeze instantly in the stance of a scarecrow with their arms out and feet apart

  • Pumpkin Patch → students pretend to be a pumpkin and sit in a circle on the ground

  • Trees → think of the tree yoga pose, children lift one leg up and balance it on the other, depending on their coordination, their hands can rest their hands on their hips or hold them up in the air

  • Raking Leaves → students pretend to hold a rake in their hand and gather the leaves up

  • Leaping into Leaf Piles → once the leaves are gathered, children can leap into their imaginary piles

  • Gathering Leaf Piles → when “leaf piles” is called out by the instructor with a specific number, students run to get in groups of that number. If the instructor says three, then children form groups of three and so forth.

This game can be used for all the seasons with different themes.

Here is a quick set of examples for the other seasons:

  • Winter → Children could pretend to shovel the snow off the driveway or make some pretend snow angels on the ground

  • Spring → Children could envision themselves as flowers in bloom and sway in the wind and they could talk about their favorite flowers, or they could pretend to be butterflies flying and flap their arms as if they were wings

  • Summer → Children could pretend to swim freestyle as if they were at the pool with their friends or could ‘leap’ into pretend puddles as if it was raining

Crazy Cars

Fall always seems to be a busy time of year, which means we’re all out on the road! Crazy cars is a fun game to get moving and symbolize the season!

Participants imagine they are driving a car. The instructor will call out different road instructions and the children will have to recognize what they mean and follow the correlated action. To keep them aware of others, the instructor should let them know they will be ‘towed’ for crashing into others.

Green light → run fast / Yellow light → walk slow / Red light → Freeze

Uphill → Lean back and March / Downhill → Lead Forward

Raining → the children can pretend their arms as windshield wipers and move up and down

Under a bridge → Crouching while continuing to walk


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