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Alphabet Relay - Great for All Ages - PK-12th Grade (Adults too!)

Teamwork and Communication with Fitness Fun!

Social Emotional Learning is important to help children better understand their emotions. At PowerUp, we’ve incorporated Social and Emotional Learning into all physical activity lesson plans! We call these character concepts. The featured Character Concepts today boost teamwork and communication skills. This month, we’re sharing one of our favorite games, fun for all ages, Alphabet Relay!


Alphabet Relay

This relay-style race can be played in person with safe distancing OR as a virtual race! Virtually, play with multiple teams A to Z or round-robin A to Z to engage and get input from all participants. In-person, this can still be played as a running (skipping, hopping, or galloping) relay, with safe distancing enforced between team members. Not sure if you can guarantee safe distancing? Play the virtual version in person and everyone stays in their own space.

Virtual version: Do three jumping jacks then say the letter A, three more jumping jacks, then the letter B, repeat that pattern from A to Z.

In-person version: form relay teams - the first team member runs to the stopping point and shouts out the letter A, then runs back to their team, and gets at the end of the line. The next team member runs to the stopping point and shouts out the letter B, continue through team members from A to Z. The first team to Z wins!

Adjust for different grade levels:

  • PK-1: Letters, A to Z

  • 2nd-5th: Words that start with A to Z

  • 6th-12th: Categories - fruits and vegetables A to Z, states and capitals A to Z, elements on the periodic table, etc.

For more examples of activities take a look at our PowerUp bundles or request PowerUp sample lesson plans to learn more!


Character Concepts: Teamwork, Communication

Prompts from the instructor:

  • Why was it important to work as a team?

  • What kind of things helped your team?

  • What kind of things made it harder or more challenging for your team?

  • How did your team communicate during the relay?

  • Did anything make it more challenging to communicate with each other? If so, how could we overcome those challenges?


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