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Three Equipment-Free Games to PowerUp Math Skills

Easily combine math and movement with these three fun kids fitness games! Perfect for kids in grades K-8.

Cardio Freeze Tag

Like traditional freeze tag, except instead of being "frozen" students solve a math problem and perform the answer in jumping jacks or another excise to be "unfrozen". For example, 11x2 jumping jacks, lunges, etc to unfreeze and resume the chase!

Guess the Steps

Measurement and movement. From a starting point, students guesstimate the number of lunges, bunny hops, crab-walk steps, or other locomotive exercise to reach an end point.vThen students perform the exercise to 'measure the distance". Compare estimation to the measurement and calculate the margin of error.

Multiplication Relay

In teams, participants perform a relay race to work their way through multiplication tables. The first participant runs, skips, or hops to the finish line, solves 5x1, then returns to the end of the line. The next team member solves 5x2 and so on until the team works their way up to 5x12. First team to complete the set wins!


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