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7 Phrases that EMPOWER Kids in Fitness

Change Your Words to Change Their Thinking

Finding enjoyment in physical activity plays a major role in fostering a body positive culture.   As role models, we need to address frustrations or insecurities our youth participants might have with physical activity.

Being prepared to handle these situations in a positive way can help foster a healthy, life long positive relationship with activity and movement.

YOUTH: "I'm not fast enough"

ROLE MODEL: "Speed isn't important. Participating is all that matters."


YOUTH: "He/She is better than me."

ROLE MODEL: "Other people may be better at something, and that's okay. Activity comes in all levels. I think it's awesome that you're doing it!"


YOUTH: "I don't want to do this today."

ROLE MODEL: "What's a good, active alternative?"


YOUTH: "Why do we have to do this?"

ROLE MODEL: "Moving our bodies is something we have to practice.  If this activity doesn’t feel right for you, try your best, then let’s talk after class about something that you really enjoy."


YOUTH: "I don't want anyone to watch me do this exercise."

ROLE MODEL: "Thanks for telling me that.Can you talk to me about why?"


YOUTH: "I can't do that activity in these shoes."

ROLE MODEL: "Thanks for telling me that. Can you talk to me about why?" [If they have a true concern, it should be respected. Is there an alternative or modification that is comfortable for this child?]


YOUTH: "I can't do that many push-ups."

ROLE MODEL: "How many feel good for you today?"



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