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Teaching Character Concepts Through Physical Activity

(Emotional) Rollercoaster Relay - A fun, physically active game to teach kids about emotions.

As schools start back up, it is important to keep children’s minds active both in and out of school. Aligning physical activity with Social Emotional Learning concepts can help improve their performance in their classrooms. PowerUp Fitness offers a variety of unique fitness programs just for kids including Character Concepts! In today’s post, we will be discussing one of our favorite fitness games, Alphabet Relay!

  • It’s tie to the Character Concept: Identifying Emotions

  • This particular skill develops their knowledge of the alphabet and anticipates active listening.

Did you know that neither PowerUp Your School nor PowerUp Peanuts require any equipment? No equipment = reduced germ transmission. This also means that all of the activities and exercises can easily be taught with safe physical distancing between participants or even through Zoom! We often say they're great for any space in any place!


Game: Alphabet Relay

Emotions - Substitute general words for emotions

  • PK-1: Letters, A to Z

  • Afterward, discuss the different emotions felt while playing the game: excited, nervous, anxious, pressured, included (team)

  • 2nd-8th: Emotions that start with A to Z


Character Concept: Identify Emotions

Game: Alphabet Relay

This relay-style race can be played as a virtual race among multiple teams A to Z or round-robin A to Z to engage and get input from all participants. In-person, this can still be played as a running relay as safe distancing spacing can be enforced between team members. Not sure if you can guarantee safe distancing? Play the virtual version in person and everyone stays in their own space.

Virtual Version:

  • Do three jumping jacks then say the letter A

  • Do three more jumping jacks then say the letter B

  • Repeat that pattern from A to Z

In-Person Version:

  • Form relay teams

  • The first team member runs to a stopping point, shouts out the letter A, then runs back to their team, and gets at the end of the line.

  • The next team member runs to the stopping point and shouts out the letter B

  • Continue through team members from A to Z

  • The first team to Z wins!

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