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Easy Exercises that Boost Student Brain Power

Why Midline Crossing Matters

It's time for some brain games! Crossing the midline (i.e. left to right and vice versa) requires hand-eye coordination, body awareness, muscular strength, and brain communication. Did you know that crossing the midline establishes neural pathways that develop the cognitive skills for reading, writing, computation, and physical activity? These exercises will PowerUp brain activity and jumpstart your students' (or anyone's) day!

Elbow to Knee

Standing in place, lift and bend left knee (LK) toward stomach. Bend and lower right elbow (RE) toward left knee. Touch elbow to knee. Repeat with left elbow to right knee.

Instruction Tip: With younger kids, stand in front with back towards students to demonstrate right and left. Then turn around to demonstrate elbow to knee contact.

Straddle Toe Touch

Stand up straight with feet apart, slightly wider than hip width, arms out to side. Bend at the waist touching right fingers (RH) to left toes (LF). Return to standing position.Switch sides. Left fingers to right toes.

Karaoke (Grapevine)

Start facing to the side with legs spread wide (A). Step with right foot crossing in front of left foot (B). Step out with left foot to spread feet wide (C). Step with right foot crossing behind left foot (D). PowerUp with Academics: Reinforce this as a pattern, in front, behind, in front, behind.

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