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Crowd Control Techniques for Anyone that Works with Kids

Be Seen, Get Heard: New ways to get kids' attention and creative crowd control techniques to make fitness classes, group games, and large scale movement activities both safe & fun. Working with large groups of kids is a blast, but can sometimes feel like herding cats. Try these new techniques to get and keep their attention (and save your vocal cords).

1. The Whisper Clap

Works with: brand new audiences and groups with regular routine

Whisper, "clap one time if you can hear me." (If someone claps, keep same whisper volume. If NO ONE claps, raise volume slightly). Whisper, "clap three times if you can hear me." Continue the whisper and clap pattern. As the group starts to understand and follow instructions, it will get others' attention. Continue until everyone is following along.

2. Mascot Chant

Works with: groups with regular routine

Establish a routine where the instructor calls out the school or facility name and the group responds with the name of the mascot. For example, the Brown Elementary School mascot is the Tiger. Instructor shouts, "Brown!!", students respond, "Tigers!! Repeat call and response until all students are participating.

3. Music Moves

Works with: groups with regular routine

Use music to control your environment. If controlling music via phone/bluetooth or remote system, keep phone/remote nearby to pause and play music as needed. Train students to be quiet and freeze if they hear the music stop. You can even use this as a game the first few lessons!

4. Simon Says

Works with: brand new audiences and groups with regular routine

Start by calling out several Simon Says actions, "Simon says touch your nose. Simon says hop one time," etc. Slowly individuals will start to catch on and participate with the growing group. Continue with Simon only commands until the entire group is paying attention. Once everyone is participating, play Simon says as usual or use "Simon says" to indicate next task or activity.

5. Safety Strategies

Works with: brand new audiences and groups with regular routine

The following phrases and techniques can be used to help kids play safe in a variety of environments. "PUT ON THE BRAKES" - remind kids to put on the brakes before running into walls, one another, or specified stopping points. Make a brake screeching sound for added emphasis. SLOW IT DOWN - in place of running during tag-like or large group games, instruct participants to skip, hop, or gallop to slow the pace of the game and reduce collusions.

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