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The best way to pilot PowerUp Your School - Six weeks of PowerUp for every K-5 student, K-8 student, or just the grade groups you need. Movement and learning that's evidence-based and equipment free.  


PowerUp with easy-to-implement lessons featuring hundreds of standards-aligned exercises, activities, and games on ready-to-use, waterproof, tear-proof lesson cards.


Kick Start Bundle Features:

  • Printed PowerUp Your School Instructor Manual (K5 and K8 bundles include 2 manuals)
  • Six weeks of printed PowerUp Your School Lesson Plans for grade groups of your choice. 
    • When used twice a week, six weeks of unrepeated PowerUp lessons
  • Access to the online instructor training platform (K5 and K8 bundles include access for 2 instructors) that includes:
    • Self-paced, on-demand PowerUp training videos
    • Assessment tools
    • PowerUp Exercise Library
    • Permission slips
    • Logos
    • Family engagement resources
    • Instructor Tips & Tricks Subscription (K5 and K8 bundles include 2 subscriptions)


Every lesson is aligned with four or more Math and English Language Arts academic standards to connect learning and movement that is "so fun, students didn't even realize they were learning!"  Each lesson features a Character Concept prompt to connect social-emotional learning skills like teamwork, communication, and goal setting to physical activity. Proven to increase student focus and engagement, improve academic outcomes, and even reduce nurse visits.

PowerUp Your School | Kick Start Bundle

PriceFrom $199.00
  • Online Access and Shipping

    PowerUp Your School Instructor Training Platform access is granted within 1 business day of purchase. Instructors can be added or changed at any time.  Printed materials arrive within three to five business days.

  • About PowerUp Your School

    PowerUp Your School is a physical activity program aligned with academic standards and social-emotional learning concepts.  It is typically used in before and after school settings, as PE curriculum, or as an active learning supplement in the classroom.  Perfect for schools, school-age childcare, recreation programs, youth-focused nonprofits, or community impact! 

  • Accepted Payment & Purchase Orders

    All major credit cards, PayPal, purchase orders, and check.

    To use a Purchase Order or Pay by Check:

    1. Add desired PowerUp bundles to online shopping cart.
    2. Complete the online checkout process. 
    3. Use "offline payment" at checkout and follow steps for Purchase Order.
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