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Where and how can PowerUp Your School be used?

PowerUp Your School is commonly used in before and after school programs, as physical education curriculum, in active learning classrooms, and ​youth-focused organizations to make movement and learning fun! If you work with youth in grades K-8, PowerUp Your School could work for you! PowerUp Your School doesn't require ANY equipment and can take place in a variety of spaces - gymnasiums, cafeterias, long hallways, community spaces, indoors or outdoors!

How is PowerUp Your School implemented?

PowerUp Your School can be implemented by a teacher, staff member, or volunteer. No fitness, teaching, or PE background required. We provide all the instructor training, lesson plans, and support materials needed to be successful with the program! No equipment required and any space can work!

How often and how long are PowerUp Your School lessons?

The frequency and duration of PowerUp Your School lessons can be adapted to a variety of settings. The program is structured with two, thirty-minute lessons per week, but can be used daily if desired or when you simply need a fun, active learning activity. Our training covers how to progress through the lessons and academic standards with any frequency. Speed things up or stretch out the stretching, lessons can easily be modified to be 15 minutes or 45 minutes - it's all covered in our online instructor training. We want you to use PowerUp Your School in a way that best suits your students!

What's included in PowerUp Your School bundles?

You'll find everything needed to be successful with PowerUp Your School in our program bundles. All bundles include: Online Instructor Training, Instructor Manual/s, Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans (Options for Grades K-8 available), Support Materials (logos, waivers, permission slips, and more), and a subscription to our Instructor Tips & Tricks with new games and exercises each month.

Can I implement the program at multiple schools/sites?

Yes! We often work with systems wanting to start PowerUp Your School at multiple schools or sites. We provide discounts for systems purchasing the program for three or more locations. We also have custom options available including lesson plan add-ons, additional support instructors and more. Fill out the form linked HERE so we can help build the most cost effective plan for your system or organization.

How much does PowerUp Your School cost?

Our bundles range from $349 to $1000 depending on the number of instructors and grade level lesson plans you'd like included. All of our bundles provide the resources needed to be successful with the PowerUp Your School program. Click HERE to see a list of available bundles! Discounts are available for systems purchasing the program for three or more schools or sites. Fill out the form linked HERE so we can help build the most cost effective plan for your organization.

How can I share PowerUp Your School with my school administrators?

We can help! Use our PowerUp Your School Advocacy Letter Template Here to create a letter to send to your school board, director of schools, prinicipal, or anyone you want to share the benefits of the PowerUp Your School program with. Check out and share our PowerUp Your School Overview to see sample lessons, the call to action, bundle pricing, and results from our teacher survey (sneak peek: PowerUp participants were more focused in the classroom, more engaged in discussion, and even go to the nurse lesson often - less out of class time - than before PowerUp Your School!) Also, be sure to check out and share our Press page for links to success stories and media coverage!

Why does PowerUp Your School align with the Common Core State Standards? My state doesn't use those standards anymore, will the program still work for my school?

Although several states no longer use the Common Core State Standards© in their entiery, many new state standards still have the roots of Common Core and share the same foundational skills and desired learning outcomes. Here's an example from Tennessee: Common Core Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.5.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. TN Academic Standard: 5.FL.SC.6 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when speaking and conventions of standard English grammar and usage, including capitalization and punctuation, when writing. The PowerUp Your School® program is aligned with the Common Core standards to be an accessible program for schools and meet the learning needs of students nationwide. Additionally, we have not received any feedback indicating an inability to find an alignment between a standard referenced in the PowerUp Your School lesson with a current state-specific standard. Read our statement on why PowerUp Your School is aligned with Common Core. Common Core State Standards© Copyright 2010 National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved.”


How and where can PowerUp Fitness Classes be taught?

PowerUp Fitness Classes are similar to group fitness classes, but designed just for kids! Our classes are commonly taught in fitness facilities, community centers, rec centers, and youth organizations. PowerUp Fitness Classes can be taught by any PowerUp Fitness Instructor. Choose the PowerUp Fitness Instructor Bundle to access the Instructor Training and the Ready-to-Use Workouts! Keep in mind, PowerUp Fitness classes do require basic fitness equipment: light weights and bands, etc. Although the exercises can be performed without equipment, the classes are most effective and the most fun when equipment is available!

What age can participate in PowerUp Fitness Classes?

PowerUp Fitness Classes are designed for kids, ages 6-12 and in a smaller setting than our PowerUp Your School or PowerUp Peanuts Program. We recommend limiting the PowerUp Fitness Class size to a maximum of 20 participants.


If I do a custom, how will you get my inclusions?

Every custom order will have a mandatory inclusion mailing kit sent. This kit will include everthing you will need to ship your inclusions back to me easily and safely.

Does my breast milk need to be refrigerated during transit?

No. There is no need to have any sort of refrigeration method during transit. Milk needs to be completly thawed out before mailing.

How long is the turn around time for DIY kits?

I have scheduled carrier pick-ups every Tuesday and Thursday. The kits will ship based on which day you order. Kits ordered after 10am on carrier pick-up days will most likey ship the following carrier pick-up day. Kits ordered on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will ship on Tuesdays.

How long is the turn around time for custom orders?

Currently I am still at 12 - 16 weeks from the week I received your inclusions. Once I have I gotten through all the current unfullfilled ordes I have, that will drasctically go down. I am aiming for a 4 week or less turn around time for customs.

Can I still order a custom piece made by you?

Yes! I am cutting back to 20 custom orders a month. If you would like to get on that list, then please fill out the submission form on the "Shop" page. I will reach out to you within 24 hours to let you know if I have spots available and get your invoice together.


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