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Free Tips and Tricks for anyone looking to encourage youth fitness, link physical activity and education, and help build a healthier generation!  Become a PowerUp Instructor to access all of the Instructor Tips & Tricks, featured exercises, & more!

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    Crowd Control Techniques

    Be Seen, Get Heard: New ways to get kids' attention and creative crowd control techniques to make fitness classes, group games, and large scale movement activities both safe & fun. Working with large groups of kids is a blast, but can sometimes feel like herding cats. Try these new techniques to get and keep their attention (and save your vocal cords).

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    Easy Exercises to Boost Student Brain Power

    Did you know that crossing the midline establishes neural pathways that develop the cognitive skills for reading, writing, computation, and physical activity? These exercises will PowerUp brain activity and jumpstart your students' (or anyone's) day!

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    3 (Equipment Free!) Fitness Games to PowerUp Math Skills

    5 x 10, solve to win! PowerUp math skills with these three math and movement games. No equipment required!

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    7 Phrases that EMPOWER Kids in Fitness

    Change your words to change their thinking. Sometimes we're caught off guard by tough questions. Here are seven phrases that empower youth through physical activity.

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    7 Ways to combine Reading Skills and Fitness

    Get reading ready! Here are seven fun ways to move and learn and reinforce reading skills.

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    10 Ways to add Math to Physical Activity

    Active students = smarter students. Here's 10 simple ways to combine fitness and education with a math focus.

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