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Accelerate Transition Time

Activating Classroom Transition Time

Transition times in a classroom can be just as important as lesson time. Keeping students engaged and helping them transition from one activity or subject to another is so important. If transition times are not planned then student’s focus can be thrown off and it can be difficult to refocus them for the next activity.

Try these three PowerUp Activities to activate and accelerate transition time in your classroom. They give students a mental break, get their bodies moving, and keep them busy while you transition to the next lesson. Research shows that physical activity immediately improves cognition and ability to focus, so activate classroom transitions to amp up the learning!

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Alphabet Stretch

Participants will stretch their way through the alphabet! Participants will use their bodies to make the shape of the letter with their bodies. Younger participants will focus more on stretching the shape of upper and lower case letters. Older participants can stretch their vocabulary words, the names of peers around them, or words associated with the next subject content.

1-leg balancing

Participants will put their balance skills to the test with this exercise. Instruct students to hold up one of their legs and use their core to keep them from falling over. Make it a contest to see who can do it the longest. To make things more difficult you could instruct students to squat on one leg and hold it for as long as they can.

Spelling Jumping Jacks

Give participants a spelling word and instruct them to do a jumping jack for each letter. For example with the word “power” participants would do 5 jumping jacks and spell the word out loud, one letter with each jumping jack.


Download this printable pdf version of Accelerate Transition Time!

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PowerUp Fitness is an Advocate Member of the National Afterschool Association and a proud partner of Active Schools.


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